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TMJ Treatments

Effective TMJ Treatment

 At Advanced TMJ concepts, Dr. Lawrence Gottesman D.D.S offers the most advanced TMJ treatment.
Based in Rockville Centre, New York, we specialize in effective solutions to alleviate pain and other TMJ symptoms.

 Your First Appointment

 Our diagnostic protocol is customized to the needs of each patient and their specific problems. The investigation may include some or all of the following:
• A Comprehensive Examination of Your Joint and Associated Structures to Help Diagnose Your Joint Problem
• Blood Tests to Evaluate the Presence of Current or Past Infections, Inflammation, and Blood Flow Abnormalities

• Panoramic X-Ray
• MRI of Your Temporomandibular Joint with Contrast Medium
• Medication, Social History and Lifestyle Review
• A Comprehensive and Detailed Personal and Family History

 Common Findings in TMJ Problems

 1. Inflammation of Synovial Tissue Called a Synovitis
2. Fluid in Your Joints Called Effusions

3. Irritation and Abnormalities of Joint Tissues, Cartilage, and Bone
4. A Disc That Is Normally Located between Your Jaw Joint and Socket Will Be out of Position and Possibly Damaged

 Selecting Your Treatment

 Once your particular problems have been identified, we can discuss your treatment options.
Our main goal, of course, is to help make you comfortable. There are many choices depending on the severity of your condition.
Traditionally, we use a combination of therapeutic approaches that can include the following options:

• Antibiotics • Alternative Antimicrobial Substitutes • Probiotics

• Nutritional Anti-inflammatory Pain Modulators • Immune Boosters • Nutritional and Vitamin Supplements
*For those patients who may have a more severe form of pain and joint disease,
arthroscopic lavage (washing out of the joint and removal of irritants) is offered in the form of a surgical referral.

 Bad Bite or Malocclusion

 Dentistry has traditionally dealt with TMJ disorders by correcting certain types of malocclusions or bad bites with different types of appliances and/or orthodontic treatment.
While it is true that you could develop a bad or abnormal bite as a result of a joint disturbance,
the evidence shows the cause is not related to the bad bite, but the three problems described on our TMJ symptoms page.
Some patients can have their joint problems worsen from the use of an orthopedic dental appliance.
However, we remain open to the therapeutic approaches that offer patients relief. There are no doors shut in the face of viable treatment options.
We exercise the utmost skill, care, and judgment in weighing treatments and associated risks that may benefit patients.

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